I’m not one for conspiracy theories. Ok, I am one for a good conspiracy theory. I operate on the belief that “amazing, insanely clever and unique gifting” was invented by an evil organization, to distract us from the true spirit of a good old-fashioned gift exchange.

Gone are the days when Dads and Grandpas get socks and golf balls. We’ve all seen what happens when an effective gifting culture gets hi-jacked by global retailers. In the run up to Christmas we spend money we can’t really afford, on things people don’t actually want. So on Boxing Day we go back and buy the undies and kitchenware that we actually need. Don’t forget the obligatory reaction that comes along with your boyfriend/sister/friend spending a fortune on those “amazing personalized tea light holders”. Queue the initial gasp followed by “Oh. My God. I can’t even. Are you a mind reader? I’ve literally always wanted these”, without sounding too sarcastic.

Luckily, the bad ass, middle-class gifting rebellions tend not to be run by the Establishment. So, to people getting ready for the mother-of-all revolts on the gifting industry, I want to assure you we can make our loved ones happy without doubling consumerism. At Gifty we call it ‘inventive utilitarianism’. A system where ‘oh my god’ meets socks and golf balls.

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